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365 Apologies

uploaded: Fri, May 22, 2009 @ 8:52 PM
FeaturingSnowflake & John Anealio
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I’m rather sad to announce that I’m winding up my 365 project.
So I’d like to use this track to voice my apologies to my many friends on ccM that have supported me throughout my madness.
I’ve reached about 100 songs and I feel like I’ve proven the point to myself. Some highlights, but it was just getting a wee bit all consuming.
I’d like to thank all the fellow ccM guys and gals out there that have shown me the encouragement and enthusiasm that fed my crazy project for the last few months.
But don’t worry!
I’m not dropping off the face of the planet and will still upload regularly to the site. How could I stay away?
I’ve been fortunate enough to pick up an ongoing song writing/development gig for a major US label so I need to focus some attention elsewhere.
I’m now aiming at quality rather than quantity, so I hope you’ll like my next few uploads.
Some songs and source deserve much more than a couple of hours doodling between surfs and beautiful girls LOL.
Please accept my apology.

Scomber x

PS. My Interactive Musical stageshow is now fully scripted and scored.
I’ve had the assistance of a well known international stageshow writer/producer so it may escape from my bedroom to the internet/or realworld at any moment.
Cheers everyone! S x

"365 Apologies"
by ScOmBer

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