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Oh Monique !

uploaded: Sat, Mar 21, 2009 @ 7:26 PM
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I’ve been revealing my next hand a day prior and when I picked “Soul” yesterday and then a red card indicating a commercially palatable mix my heart sank. You see I’d just sold my soul on Ebay at a no reserve 99 cents.
TheJoe and Gibson to the rescue.
I’ve been grappling with a direction for Joe’s lush track for a while now and he suggested some guitar. I’ve tried to do it in a Robert Crayish sort of space and then lining my throat with as much chocolate my complexion could bear before Monique dumps me.
Thanks again for a some great inspiration Joachim, hope you are feeling better my friend.
I’ll post the guitar and pell up tonight but meanwhile here’s the lyrics.

oh BTW, I’ve dealt tomorrows cards and its “Grunge - Alternative”. Shit…

Oh Monique!

I’ve been walking all alone
loneliness cut to the bone
that’s when I saw you standing there

Your an angel in my dream
far above the best I’ve seen
and I hope you notice me

I’m trying hard not to stare
too many flowers in your hair
Oooh girl it makes me weak

and now my loneliness is gone
I’ve got your love on me so strong
from every kiss I seek
every day and night of the week girl

Oh Monique
Oh Monique
Oh Monique

Oh Monique
it feels so right to me girl
Oh Monique

Well I’ve been lost
but now I’m found
I whisper in you ear
and sweep you up without a sound
Oh honey drip Monique
your the heaven that I seek
every night and day
in your arms that I grow weak girl

Oh Monique
Feels so right to me girl
Oh Monique

Oh Monique
Oh Monique

You got me go’n girl!

Scomber 2009

Soul, Commercial

"Oh Monique !"
by ScOmBer

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