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baritone sax licks

uploaded: Sat, Nov 17, 2007 @ 8:14 PM
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years ago I tried to make a set of easily mixable loops. I was discussing horns with members here and then I dug them up. many are similar and many are short but they may be useful here or there. this is the first of four zip files I’m sending

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /8halfloop.mp3 (56.13KB)
  • /altowah2.mp3 (72.13KB)
  • /b2bwflanged.mp3 (60.13KB)
  • /b2bwild.mp3 (60.13KB)
  • /bahdl.mp3 (24.13KB)
  • /bahdoaltowah.mp3 (144.13KB)
  • /bahmpajer.mp3 (32.13KB)
  • /baldizuzay.mp3 (30.13KB)
  • /baydidlell.mp3 (60.13KB)
  • /boodowell.mp3 (58.13KB)
  • /boogiewEb.mp3 (116.13KB)
  • /dewynoodle.mp3 (60.13KB)
  • /doodloo234.mp3 (30.13KB)
  • /doodlootwo.mp3 (16.13KB)
  • /rabutuhtuh.mp3 (60.13KB)
  • /staccato.mp3 (32.13KB)
  • /wakeup.mp3 (34.13KB)
  • /zabble.mp3 (30.13KB)
  • /zizzle.mp3 (60.13KB)
  • /3note.mp3 (30.13KB)
  • /8beat2.mp3 (56.13KB)
  • /8beat.mp3 (58.13KB)

"baritone sax licks"
by rslane32

2007 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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