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medial ligament (ft M Elwell Romancito)

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An operation from the patient’s POV, inspired by the first (of several!) knee ops. I published this last year in a chapbook called Policies & Procedures. Thanks once again to M Elwell Romancito for a superb music production.

medial cartilage

first sedation
then the back of hand jab
backward counting
metal in the mouth
like sucking washers
or oysters with reisling
classical music as doctor &
discuss a new bose sound system in the
white room

you wake elsewhere
armchaired with waiting cup of tea
wondering how they spent the two hours
you lost

© rob walker, 2016

Policies & Procedures
Southern-Land Poets, Garron Publishing, http://www.garronpublishing...
PO Box 334
Magill, SA, 5072
ISSN 2202-7246

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"medial ligament (ft M Elwell Romancito)"
by robwalkerpoet

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