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Take Your Chance To Feed, Now (suburbia mix)

uploaded: Thu, Mar 4, 2010 @ 6:58 AM
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This is another one I’ve discovered sorting my mp3 collection this morning. Also mixed up in garageband, circa 2007.

This not about vampires.

This is about our family cat, Lilly … hunting grassohoppers in our front yard.

In 2007, we moved from the city way out to the ‘burbs. She’d never seen a yard much less the outdoors before. Watching the “wildness” rise in her for the first time as she took her first life (of a grasshopper, after playing with it) … and contrasting that undeniable terror (from the grasshopper’s view) with manufactured tranquility of the ‘burbs (which was new to us as well) … that’s what inspired this mix.

I never thought the vocal sync was good enough, and I always wanted to record the tom-tom part better.

But hey … here it is. Better here than rotting on my hard drive :-)

"Take Your Chance To Feed, Now (suburbia mix)"
by plurgid

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