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Missing Person

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missing person

what do you see
in the dark
how far have you wandered

is your fear not a cause
but a mark
of the years you have squandered

do you feel you’re all alone
like you’re lost without a home
were you ever here at all
or did you just fall

you keep to yourself
like you should
while wishing and hoping

‘cause you think that you would
if you could
come out into the open

do you feel like breaking out
from a whisper to a shout
were you ever here at all
or did you just fall

did you just fall
through it all

it’s a lonely place inside
when you feel you need to hide
when you’re falling to the ground
and you’re calling for help
but you can’t make a sound

and you think through grief and dread
through the screaming in your head
that when all you see is red
it’s cause you’re already dead
you’ve always been dead

but i know that’s just not true
there is more to being you
yes it’s hell to fall this deep
it’s a nightmare that’s true
but you can wake from this sleep

when you wake up the nightmare
is gone
you won’t know why you’re crying

sunlight has brought
a new dawn
and you’re no longer dying

there are horrors in the night
that you feel too weak to fight
but those beasts are trapped in you
and there’s only so much
a caged beast can do

there’s only so much
a poor beast can do

can you open the cage
and let them fall through

"Missing Person"
by Orrisroot

Creative Commons
CC0 (CC Zero)

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