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To catch a Kiss

uploaded: Tue, Dec 31, 2013 @ 1:33 PM last modified: Tue, Dec 31, 2013 @ 3:54 PM  (add)
byMy Free Mickey
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Psychedelic trance.

Old years evening. And Here at home it’s not even notable except for the firework that frighting our rabbits.
But for the rest everything I just like any other day.
Which is good. Lost my interest some years ago as I noticed that going out on new year never was that satisfying as a going out on ordinary weekend. The urgency of people to celebrate extra long and intense on this “special day” made it somewhat forced. So We quit.
The first years we invite some people over. And visited others too but that has dried out.
But nevertheless I wish you all a happy new year.
May 2014 (and the rest of your life) brings you joy, health and the end of advertising, fishing, poverty, consumerism, pollution, war, rulers, masters and kings.

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  • /to-Katch-a-Kiss-noisecrash-[140BPM]-myfreemickey.mp3 (7.20MB)
  • /to-Katch-a-Kiss-o-hihat-[140BPM]-myfreemickey.mp3 (7.95MB)
  • /to-Katch-a-Kiss-shaker-[140BPM]-myfreemickey.mp3 (7.41MB)
  • /to-Katch-a-Kiss-snare-[140BPM]-myfreemickey.mp3 (7.75MB)

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  • /to-Katch-a-Kiss-fx-[140BPM]-myfreemickey.mp3 (13.13MB)
  • /to-Katch-a-Kiss-hi-perc-[140BPM]-myfreemickey.mp3 (10.87MB)

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  • /to-Katch-a-Kiss-lead-rulethemall-[140BPM]-myfreemickey.mp3 (7.10MB)
  • /to-Katch-a-Kiss-leadersgroup-[140BPM]-myfreemickey.mp3 (7.88MB)
  • /to-Katch-a-Kiss-leadgroup-[140BPM]-myfreemickey.mp3 (10.39MB)
  • /to-Katch-a-Kiss-masterfx-[140BPM]-myfreemickey.mp3 (7.28MB)
  • /to-Katch-a-Kiss-trancelead-[140BPM]-myfreemickey.mp3 (8.21MB)

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  • /to-Katch-a-Kiss-funky lowgroove-[140BPM]-myfreemickey.mp3 (7.72MB)
  • /to-Katch-a-Kiss-girl-[140BPM]-myfreemickey.mp3 (7.51MB)
  • /to-Katch-a-Kiss-groove-[140BPM]-myfreemickey.mp3 (8.84MB)
  • /to-Katch-a-Kiss-lead-[140BPM]-myfreemickey.mp3 (8.49MB)

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  • /to-Katch-a-Kiss-choir-[140BPM]-myfreemickey.mp3 (9.17MB)
  • /to-Katch-a-Kiss-pad-[140BPM]-myfreemickey.mp3 (8.24MB)
  • /to-Katch-a-Kiss-padgroup-[140BPM]-myfreemickey.mp3 (9.95MB)
  • /to-Katch-a-Kiss-reverb-[140BPM]-myfreemickey.mp3 (12.09MB)
  • /to-Katch-a-Kiss-string-[140BPM]-myfreemickey.mp3 (7.56MB)

"To catch a Kiss"
by My Free Mickey

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