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Freedom is the name

uploaded: Sun, Jul 22, 2012 @ 2:32 PM last modified: Sun, Jul 22, 2012 @ 2:49 PM  (add)
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I have started this with the title “What’s your name”, since I was rather “confounded” by GEMA trying to steal artists’ basic rights using as ground the names artists have used to release their music (if I’ve got it right).

The simple idea I wanted to scatter was that rights are “intrinsic” properties of a person who, though commonly identified by a name, is not his/her own name: being “labelled” as John or as Walter (or be unnamed!) does not change a person’s rights nor can alter his/her status with respect to personal freedom.

Otherwise Freedom as a so well advertised as an important cultural foundation of our so-called democracies could begin to be turned into a void word…

While I was trying to condense this idea and mixing it with other ideas (e.g. an artist must own the freedom to choice how to “handle” his/her own creation), I was also planning my vacations… and I bought a ticket to Finland and all I’ve done I won’t be able to finish and refine at the best of my (limited) skills and spare time —since I’m leaving tomorrow and I’ll be back in August.

So, here what I have done currently. The title drifted to “Freedom is the Name”; I was rather unsatisfied with the original lyrics (too much tangled to that only basic idea) and changed them, but they are still unsatisfactory to me; they are in the zip as a pdf score,… also I think they are hard to be sung (I can’t for sure!) because of fast pace —bpm is not too high but a lot of 1/16th notes…; a MIDI file and the Hydrogen drum machine file inside the zip. The MIDI file has a track that should be the melody of the lyrics, more or less.

The whole is missing (with respect to my starting project) the companion (likely fiddles) of the “honky tonk” part (panned slightly on left in the preview-rough mix), some “filler” in the middle lyrics-less part, details and of course proper mixing.

Though, I believe the shortness of the piece and the rythm can help to carry a slogan-shaped concept rather easily :)

Contents of ZIP Archive: midi,hydrogen file,...

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"Freedom is the name"
by mandthedband

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