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Eninternasionis Himno

uploaded: Tue, Sep 6, 2022 @ 3:37 PM last modified: Tue, Sep 6, 2022 @ 3:39 PM  (add)
byLuis Carlos González Morales
FeaturingDominique Cyprès
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A friend of mine made this translation/version of the Internationale on a language that he constructed, called “Ladraki”, which ames to be a worldwide language. I told him to make a translation of the Internationale in that language.
It has only 2 stanzas and of course, the refrain, and it rhymes. I cannot believe the genuous capacity of my friend.
Since I’ve recently herd the new “Electro March” rendition of The Internationale by MR. Dominique Cyprès, hoom I want to thank and give credit for it’s outstandiness, I’ve remixed this version with myself singing the translated Ladraki version made by my friend.
I’m uploading the first version of Eninternasionale. The second version has changes mostely in the harmony. I’ve made that using my Yamaha PSR-A3000, which I will somehow replace
with the new Yamaha PSR-A5000, if I’ll buy one.

Lyrics of
eninternasionis himno

Ieridzar, labrindu min durmo!
ieridzar, prezindu de vill!
ratsion in panastasia rada,
a mas daoris versta venill!
nau baida uid tuka sidemon
servendu maz ieridz! ieridz!
len canjan engamlis lagedi
a spurnar dusta por vent enpridz!

D’ievinar filu rapidle
enlastis batel ir len fats,
unitar umannis rats!
D’ievinar filu rapidle
enlastis batel ir len fats,
unitar umannis rats!

No savindi min pok protegar
No bistosin namir or pir
Lenkdik man jendzirdi civerran
den kurh, a grid a mied jendzir!
Pri sarakdi kzitar uid genimdi
a la alin dun felicis kuan,
ic in kan forj kan diuti faratan
a iestrik hadido otan varm.

D’ievinar filu rapidle
enlastis batel ir λεν fats,
unitar umannis rats
D’ievinar filu rapidle
enlastis batel ir λεν fats
unitar umannis rats!

"Eninternasionis Himno"
by Luis Carlos González Morales

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Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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