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OOK Drum-n-Bass samples

uploaded: Fri, Nov 11, 2005 @ 2:13 PM
byEJG (aka Laerlooper)
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These are my samples used in the track “Oboe-one-Kenobi DnB Mix”:
(Some timestretching may be necessary with some of these files; thought they’d all come out at 180bpm if I rendered ‘em all from the same song file! Maybe not. Anyhoo..) The song’s oboe sample by Puie can be found here:

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /OOK-180 BPM/112202Swoosh.wav (644.73Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/BeatsBasicz.wav (502.30Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/BeatsRoxoRz.wav (501.97Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/BG_Snare 1.wav (230.68Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/Break Down.wav (918.88Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/Break Up.wav (918.88Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/BroughtSomeElectro.wav (502.58Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/Buzz1.wav (250.85Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/Buzz2.wav (250.85Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/FadingTinkles.wav (502.81Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/HelloThere.wav (287.25Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/JingleJingle.wav (229.81Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/Knock.wav (229.81Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/Laser.wav (250.85Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/PianoRattlez.wav (749.55Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/PuffStab.wav (250.85Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/SlowBeat.wav (459.50Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/SubMelody.wav (229.81Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/SubMelodyBackbone.wav (229.81Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/SubMelodyBass.wav (229.81Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/SubMelodyChirps.wav (250.85Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/SubMelodyShocks1.wav (251.54Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/SubMelodyShocks2.wav (251.58Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/ZapZdown.wav (918.88Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/ZapZin.wav (250.85Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/ZapZstab.wav (259.31Kb)
  • /OOK-180 BPM/ZapZup.wav (918.88Kb)

"OOK Drum-n-Bass samples"
by EJG (aka Laerlooper)

2005 - Licensed under
Creative Commons

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