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Distant Lands

uploaded: Sun, Jun 9, 2019 @ 1:21 PM last modified: Sun, Jun 9, 2019 @ 1:27 PM  (add)
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I could tell a story
About a distant land
We could go there together
Hold each other’s hand
We could move to the rhythm of universe
Move to the rhythm of our time
Move, we can create another miracle
Move, if we open up our minds

More verses in the archive provided.

I wrote the melody and words using Fourstone’s Big Fat Zero sample pak as a guide. Move to the rhythm of the universe is the main theme. My inTENtion is to provide a vocal sample pak that mixters can use to create their own inTENtions.

Included in the archive are multiple verses and versions…the use of and the arrangement of these takes are left up to you the remixer, though as I wrote them they gravitated to a feel that may help guide your own creativity. I hope so!

The past the present and the future all moving into the Distant Lands.

Thanks In advance for the collaboration.

Need another part? Write me and I’ll work it out with you.

Mix on!

Contents of ZIP Archive: Altnerate File Format

  • /DistantLands_bippityboppity.MP3 (2.55MB)
  • /DistantLands_chorus_alt_version.MP3 (1.19MB)
  • /DistantLands_chorus_harmony.MP3 (2.21MB)
  • /DistantLands_scat.MP3 (1.86MB)
  • /DistantLands_verse01.MP3 (3.88MB)
  • /DistantLands_verse02.MP3 (4.40MB)
  • /DistantLands_verse03.MP3 (1.90MB)
  • /DistantLands_verse03_A.MP3 (3.52MB)
  • /DistantLands_verse04.MP3 (4.63MB)
  • /DistantLands_verse04_alt_version.MP3 (1.15MB)
  • /DistantLands_verse04_alt_versionA.MP3 (1.42MB)
  • /DistantLands_verse04_with_scat.MP3 (1.72MB)
  • /DistantLands_verse05.MP3 (5.16MB)
  • /DistantLands_verse06.MP3 (2.75MB)
  • /DistantLands_verse06_alt_version.MP3 (2.99MB)
  • /DistantLands_verse06_withscat.MP3 (5.33MB)
  • /DistantLands_vocal_sample.mp3 (1.72MB)

"Distant Lands"
by spinningmerkaba

2019 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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