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Music is...

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I previously released this as a podcast episode where I asked a bunch of musicians and music fans about music. I really hope people like this and use the pella bits in other projects!

Non CCM Public Domain samples used:

Future of Music by Lee Rosevere

ASMR by Lee Rosevere

Dream Sequence by Lee Rosevere

Frantic Gazz by Lee Rosevere

Castle of Recyled Kings by Lee Rosevere

piano and cello by my son, Javier Warford.

Vocals, in order of appearance, with permission:

David Steele of Steele Empire (A Quest for Magic & Steele and Ark City)
Javier Warford
Phil Bothun of Forj Collective (Audiologue Echo)
Paul Sating creator of Subject Found, Who Killed Julie and many others
Justy Gee of Starless
Sara Weber
Floyd Blair (My Grandpa and Real Life hero)
Ruthi Irene Stuckey
Cristina Bonilla-Warford
Matt Berger from The Fall of the House of Sunshine
Jonathan Messinger of Finn Caspian
Whimsical Decibel
Austin Beach of Audioblivious Productions
Nora Warford
David Deveraux of Tin Can Audio

(Currently my upload with the most remixes).

"Music is..."
by SoboSystem

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