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You Could Do That Then

uploaded: Mon, Jan 4, 2010 @ 7:54 AM
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This was written for the Biofuel sustainability project.
I wrote it from the point of view of somebody a couple of generations in the future. The person’s grandfather told them of a time when fuel was plentiful and didn’t have to be balanced against food production.
I used some diminished chords, for instance, instead of barring an A at the 5th fret I press on the 4th string in the 7th fret and the 3rd string in the 6th fret using the open A string to drone. I don’t know what to call the chords but they move down through my own odd version of G sharp minor, a weird F sharp and come out in D major. But there’s an added complication; I tuned the guitar down a fret, so now we’re looking at A flat/G minor/F major/D flat. Sorry about that. (Otherwise it’s pretty straightfoward).

"You Could Do That Then"
by georgeboyland

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