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Play That Game

uploaded: Tue, Jan 28, 2020 @ 12:33 AM last modified: Tue, Jan 28, 2020 @ 3:30 AM  (replace)
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During Novembeat 2019 I was told that my friend Heather “moboid” Kelley was having a big milestone birthday, and so I decided to make this song for her.

Contents of ZIP Archive: symphonics

  • /brass.flac (2.81MB)
  • /strings.flac (2.11MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: synths

  • /arp pattern 1.flac (1.66MB)
  • /arp pattern 2.flac (1.46MB)
  • /echo drops 1.flac (2.65MB)
  • /echo drops 2.flac (737.62KB)
  • /ether bells 1.flac (303.69KB)
  • /ether bells 2.flac (278.48KB)
  • /ether bells 3.flac (1.14MB)
  • /ether bells 4.flac (1.92MB)
  • /filler synth.flac (2.06MB)
  • /phase bells.flac (1.01MB)
  • /springy arp 1.flac (1.31MB)
  • /springy arp 2.flac (2.01MB)
  • /string pad.flac (969.25KB)
  • /synth lead.flac (1.08MB)
  • /mellotron 1.flac (966.33KB)
  • /mellotron 2.flac (644.87KB)
  • /mellotron 3.flac (482.43KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: vocals

  • /vox backing.flac (8.37MB)
  • /vox chorus 1.flac (523.47KB)
  • /vox chorus 2.flac (1.90MB)
  • /vox chorus 3.flac (3.56MB)
  • /vox chorus 4.flac (2.01MB)
  • /vox chorus 5.flac (3.09MB)
  • /vox lead.flac (13.71MB)
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"Play That Game"
by fluffy

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