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The Guitar Speaks

uploaded: Wed, Nov 4, 2009 @ 3:13 AM
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The Guitar Speaks – Notes on a Remix

My Secret Mixter assignment, kthugha, had uploaded a series of acoustic guitar samples that had not yet been remixed entitled “Three Colors.” His notes indicated he was a bit nervous about uploading them, which drew me to them like a magnet. I had to make something of them for him.

When I opened the samples to listen to them I heard the chair squeaking and his breathing along with his playing and this drew me in closer. So many times when listening to pellas and samples made from live instruments I feel such a sense of intimacy with the creator (of the sample, not “The” creator) that no matter what it is I smile. It is almost unfathomable that with these impersonal machines we use (our computers) and over such great distances we can be so close to one another.

This mix is a love poem of sorts written from the perspective of a guitar to her guitarist. I hope it will encourage kthugha to keep his lady close at hand and help all the rest of us to remember the incredible power of music to connect us.

The Words ….

The Guitar Speaks

We are here together
Without your hands
I cannot speak your heart
Your breath falls over me
As my body rests upon yours
I sing your soul
But you write my song
In our small space
The universe is contained
You on your chair
Me on your knee
We on a journey.

essesq November 4, 2009

P.S. My two regrets on this one: 1) That I couldn’t use more of the samples in the grouping, they are lovely, and 2) That I couldn’t smooth over some of the loop joins, etc to make it all a bit more polished. There is probably a workaround, like manually crossfading all the loops by alternate tracking them and fading them in and out, but I only settled on my final idea for this mix very close to the deadline. For a two weeker this ain’t bad for me :-).

"The Guitar Speaks"
by essesq

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