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Like a Stone

uploaded: Sat, Jan 2, 2021 @ 1:06 AM
byElle Roberts
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Like a Stone

The only way to survive
Be still
Still like rock
Let water rush over you
Be still
Let everything meet you where you are
And stand still
In who you are
Still, silent, solid
Like rock

The only way to survive
Know who
And what you are

Like stone
Waiting patiently
Letting all things
To you

Everything comes
To an end
Every cloud
Runs out of rain

Let everything that comes
Touch you
But not change you

The truth in your heart
Will remain
And still
Silently willing your survival
Through it all

And still
Know that the water
Will wash over you
Slowly allowing yourself
To change

And survive

"Like a Stone"
by Elle Roberts

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