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Drip - Is Anybody Listening (Demolee Remix)

uploaded: Thu, Jul 24, 2008 @ 4:08 AM
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The vocal tracks were taken from Drip’s 2nd Album “Identity Theft” which is available at Fully Booked (Bonifacio High Street). The individual vocal tracks were included for the very purpose of being remixed under Creative Commons License. I believe it’s very enticing for Drip’s fans having the chance to make their own rendition of their favorite Drip songs. It’s a whole different kind of interaction between them (Drip) and their listeners.

Here’s my rendition of Drip’s “Is Anybody Listening”. How did I go about it: First I laid out the vocal tracks in the same tempo as the original song, that is 109 Bpm. The first thing I added were the congas as my rhythmic guide for the rest of the song. Then I added the pads and the bass lines simultaneously, trying to come up with chord patterns that will provide an appropriate bedspace for Beng’s (Drip’s Vocalist) vocal melodies. It took me awhile before adding the main drum parts. I was having a hard time deciding on whether to have it a bit dancable or simply just solemn (which I realize, could be a bit dragging). Later on I realized it could be both, solemn yet dancable. The ambient sounds were the last things that I added to it, aiming to give it a more “soundscape-ish” effect. With all these done, I’m still planning to add some back up vocals and a few more adjustments, but then the song may stand as it is for now. Hope you guys enjoy it.

"Drip - Is Anybody Listening (Demolee Remix)"
by demolee

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