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uploaded: Sat, Oct 17, 2009 @ 3:11 PM
byHEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
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Had a few volume problems and editing issues that kept bugging me… so here is my final version.

Original Text: This is a mother’s present of sorts… my mom hasn’t been in the best of shapes lately [she’ll survive]. But! Since I am her biggest fan-decided that my next mix of “The Savvy & the Chic”, will be dedicated to her. For this reason I produced this opening piece to the upcoming mix, titled “Carmen”, in honor to her. I love you madre.

Lyrics Written & Performed by La_Puerta

Purpura de ti = Purpura of you
Sombra de la nada = Shadows of empty
Cielo sin fin = Endless Sky
Mar sin fondo = Bottomless Sea
Amor sin base = Love without foundation
Paleta sin pintura = Palette without paint
Mano sin otra = Hand without a hand
Corazón sin sangre = Bloodless Heart
Mariposa sin flor = Butterfly with no flower
Piedra sin forma = Shapeless rock
Ojos sin mirada = Eyes without vision
Paladar sin sabor = Throat without taste
Dedos sin huellas = Fingers without Print
Besos sin sabor = Tasteless kisses
Lluvia sin agua - Rain without water
Sol sin luz = Lightless Sun
Coquí mudo = Mute Coqui Frog
Rosa sin olor = Rose without perfume
Boca sin beso = Lips without kiss
Grito sin eco = Scream without eco
Guitarra sin cuerdas = Cordless Guitar
Vaso roto = Broken Glass

Caminar sin compañía = A Walk with no company
Hambre sin deseos = Hunger without desire
Paloma sin alas = Wngless dove
Mirada al vació = Stare into nothing
Día obscuro = Dark day
Pavona sin pistilo - Hibiscus without stem
Gusano de la nada = Worthless worm
Perfume sin olor = Perfume without aroma
Amargo sin razón = Bitter without reason
Miedo a no se que = Fear of nothing
Sonrisa en la noche = Laugh in the night

Tantas cosas = So many things
Sin sentido = with no sense
Siento = I feel
Cuando no estas tu = When you are not here



by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)

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