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Capitalism Song (Paddle Your Own Canoe)

uploaded: Tue, May 2, 2017 @ 1:09 PM last modified: Tue, May 2, 2017 @ 1:21 PM  (add)
byAndrew Wainwright
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Along the lines of Money by Pink Floyd but with Syd Barrett singing. Capitalists are always lecturing hippies, and sometimes with guys like me they have a disturbing point…

Still, in the anarchist nature this song is being offered cc0 as a way to help people make money if they want…

anyone who’s anybody paddles their own canoe,
what about you?
you can’t paddle mine
i won’t paddle yours
won’t lend you the boat
won’t lend you the oars
no can do
gotta have yer own canoe

the old and wise man said to me
i see that you’re in pain
but why waste all that energy
when you cry and you complain
guilt’s a wasted emotion
we’ve all been bastards once
can’t sleep at night?
well, put things right
set your mind to work at once

god helps those who help themselves
and you start at the bottom
making tea and stacking shelves
there’s no quick hack
that will make you a star
or a solid investment
passing urine in a bar
if you want lots of money
there’s no secret to the trade
gotta maximise the profit
not just trying to get laid
you gotta be productive
and not procrastinate
can’t moan about the government
if you’re living off the state

when you’ve got your beady eye on
a brand new tv set
save up for it not borrow
cos a right bummer is debt
and dump the liability
of the stuff that you don’t need
let others pay
on their own ebay
for the vanity and greed
if you don’t spend out your pennies
on what will make you more
chances are you’re always gonna be a little poor
if there’s not a chance to earn
there’s opportunities to learn
investing in your mind
no greater power will you find

"Capitalism Song (Paddle Your Own Canoe)"
by Andrew Wainwright

Creative Commons
CC0 (CC Zero)

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