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Seraphim of The White Cube

uploaded: Thu, Nov 19, 2009 @ 3:56 PM
FeaturingVictoria Melfi
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The “White Cube” project has really yielded some incredible offerings. It is an interesting departure for the cc.Mixter creators and presents another face of this truly inventive and amazing web-cite.
In considering the abstract nature of the project and its destiny as part of an art gallery’s installation - I attempted to frame my concept within the perimeters.
I slowed down Gurdonark’s drones and added my own cello drones - played as slowly and as concentrated as I could. I used only portions of Susan’s spoken word poem throughout - to accentuate the abstract ideas in her sensitive writing.
My sister, Victoria Melfi, graciously contributed her voice as the female Seraphim, which represents the Muse of Art come to us with a message. I end the piece with a life-pulse of rhythm - which suggest that energy can be made manifest from the still cold mental impulses of Thought.

"Seraphim of The White Cube"
by Anchor

2009 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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