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Rise Up From the Knee

uploaded: Thu, Sep 9, 2021 @ 8:31 AM
byAdmiral Bob
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I didn’t exactly go “Lofi Chill track.”

Rise Up From the Knee

Wrapped up like Prometheus, bound to this task
I know that to wait for me is far too much to ask
The trees, the forests call to you, as they do to me
But you are free, and I will wait to rise up from the knee

Bowed down like the minotaur, in the forever maze
The myths of old have tales to tell, but not for me these days
For I am lost, adrift at sea, I cannot make my path
And you, you alone have the way to guide me past

Like Gandalf raised his staff to stop
The balrog in his tracks
You reach for me to constrain the deep
The gulf they cannot pass
Watch over me, watch over me, and when I sleep
Let darkness fly, let darkness, let darkness fly on fast

Wrapped up like prometheus, bound to these days
Where eagles fly, but pity none, and fate awakes its play
The place you’ve gone, it calls aloud, I know I must accede
For you are free, and I will wait, to rise from the knee
Rise up from the knee, O Rise up from the knee
You are free, and I will wait, to rise from the knee

"Rise Up From the Knee"
by Admiral Bob

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