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In-A-Dreaded-Da-Drum Solo

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Here is a drum solo I programed which was intended to be included in Psychedelic Sundae but I had the good sense to leave it out. It clocks in at 3 minutes plus but seems like an eternity for those who have not acquired the taste for vintage Acid Rock. Programing the drum solo itself was an agonizing note-by-note editing job in my midi editor. It is basically a recreation of—well, I think most of us will recognize where my inspiration came from. I have included the midi files of the drum solo, but fair warning: these drum files are not anywhere close to being mapped to standard channel 10 midi. You will have to unscramble that mess in your own midi editor.
The drums I used are a meticulously recorded multi-tuned set of floor-toms that you can find at Freesound. (CC 3.0) There is a peculiar sonic quality to these one-shot samples that I thought would get the psychedelic undertones churning. I loaded a selection of these one-shots into a sampler to build a trippy melo-tom kit and routed it all through my Blue Cat Flanger as well as a few other secret-sauce plugins. Enjoy!

"In-A-Dreaded-Da-Drum Solo"
by Zenboy1955

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