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Imperial Galapagos

uploaded: Wed, Dec 4, 2013 @ 2:24 PM
byToby Brock
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Track made July 2012. Emcee section for song with beat. Feel free to remix it if you would like. Cheers.


When I get up and at em
Men of a written anthem hand them
dap and bap a hand slap
cause this man rap is handsome and
web of a set minuet with
intentions fair when it’s rare
you know it
grown in a zone with many a bone picked
own it like homeless to shopping carts
stopping art isn’t like popping tires on smart bikes
I’m a far flight
form the humdrum dum dum dodo so
whats the conundrrum?
unsung among ones who can’t catch the lung flung yolo
but the next is waitning to
catch the hock
so neglect is not
a thought brought to the head knot
said talk is down stream
housed in a house of mouse dreams
while the aroused fiend prowls the proud preen
of well endowed means
to the end of a trend sent to defend its now hemmed seams
that were sown to condone clones for them high throne greens
by my own means
Spilling a million thoughts per illin emcee
breakin it down a plenty aiming the sound at empty
container contaminants no brainers get banishment
from a passionate panel’s sitting committee
gripping the city’s hard hitting nitty gritty large spitting skivvies
is he a matter of factor? or jsut another raptor rapper wrapped up
in rapture to capture stature that depends on the asker
answer is yes if the questioner is a messenger of death to my culture
wreckin the mulled verbs like vultures their vulgar skulls serve
no substance enough shit is dumb since that has a summed sense
of zero near flow to clear growth is here though the weirdos won’t
compromise with common plied hominized songs of blind pride in
blind pride - applied the theory clearly don’t steer these weary bones to
a comfort zone so among the drones I roam and hone hardened poems
with an artist’s pardoned will and heart on loan I’m just chillin like garden gnomes
in front yards shown a grown emcee potently poetic breed openly sow ethic seeds
foundation found in facing crowns breaking ground in taking and alleviating
needless hating - the seated savings brought on eves of heedless meditating
on deeds of needed elevating, tells the well is waiting - tap it with oh snap tactic
and let blowback react show facts fit exactly. The present is actively post seasoned and the past was just cactus league

"Imperial Galapagos"
by Toby Brock

2013 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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