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Desperados der Liebe (160Bpm)

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byHerrenzimmer Produktion
FeaturingDuo Arrogante (Nicky Dee & Lukante)
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Desperados der Liebe (Love’s Desperados)
160Bpm . Dmaj
This song is inspired by Ted Herold’s masterpiece ofthe same title.
Chek out Ted Herold’s here!

The complete acapella includes FX. In “vocals” you’ll find single tracks - usalyy one clean, one autotuned for each part. Those are different recordings.
In “Vocals - Pitched” are more tracks. Those got edited in melodyne.
In “Beat” there are submixes. One for melody, one for chords and effects and one for drums and bass. Everything already with a lot of effects on it.
I still got the whole project. Clean tracks, single tracks for the beat, the project files for FL and melodyne and such. If I happen to stumble upon the folder I’ll add some stuff. Should you be interested in anything, message fe and I’l seaarch it and upload or send it to you.

Our lyrics go like this (first the german original then
my translation into english)
morgen dort.
Ich muss noch kurz das Bad benutzen und dann bin ich fort.

Desperados der Liebe (x 4)

Und er steht vor deiner Tuer, der Mann im Auftrag der Liebe.
Hey Maedchen schaem dich nicht! Zeig mir dein Gesicht!
Du opferst dich fuer die Familie, denk doch mal an dich!
Du sahst mich. Ich kam die lange Strasze hinab.
Ich war neu in der Stadt. (Stimme aus dem Off: “Er war neu in der Stadt”).
Hinter mir ging die Sonne unter.
Keinen Platz fuer die Nacht. (Keinen Platz fuer die Nacht)
Und dein Mann war verreist. So kam das Eine zum Andern. Dadadadadadamm!
Und als der Morgen kam, hiess es “Adieu!”.
Das ist das alte Spiel.
-und dann Refrain bis zum Schluss


En anglais:

Love’s Deserados

Nick D.:
I’m leaving a trail of beautiful memories.
In almost every place in the world I ‘ve found my happiness.
A girl in every harbour or two.
Oh my god, how free that I am!
Once again that night of nights
Nevertheless, I’ll be on the first bus.
There are so many more hearts for me to save.
Cherish the moment, today here morrow there.
I have a quick use of the bathroom then I’ll be all gone.
Love’s desperadoes (x 4)

And there he is on your doorstep, the man commissioned by love.
Hey girly, no shame in that! Show me your face!
You sacrifice yourself for the family, just think of yourself!
You saw me. I was coming down the long street.
I was a new guy in town. (Voice off-camera: “He was a new guy in town”).
The sun was dusking at the back of me.
Nowhere to go for the night. ( There was no place for the night )
And your husband was abroad. So one thing led to another. Dada-dada-dam!
And when the morning dawned, it was “Adieu!”.
You know, that’s the old game.
-and then refrain until the end

Hope you like it. Have fun with it!

Contents of ZIP Archive: Vocal - tracks

  • /Vocals/DdL - Hook_L_2.flac (839.35KB)
  • /Vocals/DdL - Hook_L_AT.flac (891.40KB)
  • /Vocals/DdL - Hook_N_AT.flac (912.43KB)
  • /Vocals/DdL - Hook_N_Clean.flac (857.58KB)
  • /Vocals/DdL - Lukas_01_AT.flac (1.60MB)
  • /Vocals/DdL - Lukas_01_Clean.flac (1.40MB)
  • /Vocals/DdL - Lukas_01_FX.flac (121.88KB)
  • /Vocals/DdL - Lukas_02_AT.flac (1.49MB)
  • /Vocals/DdL - Lukas_02_Clean.flac (1.69MB)
  • /Vocals/DdL - Nick_01_AT.flac (1.36MB)
  • /Vocals/DdL - Nick_01_Clean.flac (1.34MB)
  • /Vocals/DdL - Nick_02_AT.flac (2.36MB)
  • /Vocals/DdL - Nick_02_Clean.flac (2.32MB)
  • /Vocals/DdL - Nick_02_L.flac (1.30MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Vocals - melodyned

  • /Vocals - Pitched/Lukante 1/lukas_01_01.flac (634.93KB)
  • /Vocals - Pitched/Lukante 1/lukas_01_02.flac (656.54KB)
  • /Vocals - Pitched/Lukante 1/lukas_01_03.flac (646.66KB)
  • /Vocals - Pitched/Lukante 1/lukas_01_vari.flac (683.21KB)
  • /Vocals - Pitched/Lukante 2/Lukas_01_Track 2.flac (551.65KB)
  • /Vocals - Pitched/Lukante 2/Lukas_01_Track 3.flac (733.91KB)
  • /Vocals - Pitched/Lukante 2/Lukas_01_Track 4.flac (646.71KB)
  • /Vocals - Pitched/Lukante 2/Lukas_01_Track 5.flac (797.32KB)
  • /Vocals - Pitched/Nick 1/nick_0201.flac (414.14KB)
  • /Vocals - Pitched/Nick 1/nick_0202.flac (409.54KB)
  • /Vocals - Pitched/Nick 1/nick_0203.flac (525.20KB)
  • /Vocals - Pitched/Nick 2/ende.flac (966.32KB)
  • /Vocals - Pitched/Nick 2/nick01.flac (975.14KB)
  • /Vocals - Pitched/Nick 2/nick04.flac (947.17KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Beat in submixes

  • /Beat/DdL_Drums.flac (16.37MB)
  • /Beat/DdL_Leads.flac (10.24MB)
  • /Beat/DdL_Pads_+_FX.flac (18.84MB)

"Desperados der Liebe (160Bpm)"
by Herrenzimmer Produktion

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