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I Never Met My Brother

uploaded: Tue, Jul 25, 2023 @ 2:25 AM
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My Mother became pregnant with her third child in her early forties and whilst some women at this age successfully give birth to a healthy child in my mothers case it was not to be so. At about 28 weeks she miscarried and my baby brother died.

As he had reached 28 weeks of life he was classified as a human being and had to be accorded a proper funeral. My parents never discussed with me the pregnancy nor the miscarriage and it was only many years later that I heard from the neighbour what had happened. I do not know if they gave him a name or if his remains were placed somewhere.

As a “Boomer” born eight years after the end of the second World War it was hard for my generation to discuss such things so we never did.

I was heading off into early Johnny Cash with this one but thanks to Susan’s wonderful lullaby I managed to avoid putting on a black shirt

I Never Met My Brother And I Never Knew His Name

My brother came before his time as babies sometimes do
He’d had enough of swimming in the fluid of the womb
And without a hint of fanfare he arrived naked and bruised
And struggled for a breath upon the carpet
I guess my mother was in shock her floor with blood was stained
So I’d never meet my brother and I’d never know his name

The neighbour heard the screaming and rushed to do her best
She offered her assistance but my brother had no breath
And despite her best endeavours his soul already left
Was heading off to somewhere far beyond us
It was not a pretty picture we don’t know why he came
So I never met my brother and I never knew his name

My father got a message it was the saddest news
It said go to the hospital your wife’s in need of you
And he drove as fast as he could but there was nothing he could do
Only wonder why his god had no pity
The doctors and the nurses gave advice but nothing changed
So I never met my brother and I never knew his name

So the years passed by and I would wonder what became
Of my parents need for more children to carry our good name
But accidents do happen and of course its such a shame
And the world is full of “what if” memories
The saddest thoughts are often those that free us of the chains
But I never met my brother and I never knew his name

When all is done and dusted and the memories put away
The tears long dried and absent just reminders of a day
When the world went a little crazy and my brother was erased
Just nature compromised and unforgiving
I like to think he’s watching me from somewhere without pain
But I’ll never meet my brother and I’ll never know his name

"I Never Met My Brother"
by Radioontheshelf

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