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Box Hill

uploaded: Mon, Jan 2, 2023 @ 6:18 AM
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We have ridden up the hill and finally arrived at its summit and in doing so we are leaving behind us 2022. Ahead is the new year full of its glory and promise. But as I count the passing of another year I cannot but think of earlier years and the joy and tears they brought. This mix is a memory of the summer of 1963 when three friends spent the day together in innocent fun, cycling, swimming and watching a Disney movie.

Many thanks to Airtone for his inspiring guitar work

Cycling down Box Hill with Rhonda and Jane
Picking up speed as we pass the fields so happy that we came

And Summer winds blow on our skins and we shout just because we can
They’re acting like women in their summer dresses and Im trying to be a man
And the sun beats down on the golden wheat and the harvesters are out
The year is 1963 its nearly time for twist and shout

In Chippenham the pool is open only three pence to go in
We brought our swimming clothes and towels and later we will watch a film
Its The Incredible Journey about cats and dogs and nobody dies at all
And we will sit like three amigos entranced and enthralled

"Box Hill"
by Radioontheshelf

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