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Where's Jack

uploaded: Thu, Nov 17, 2022 @ 5:54 AM
FeaturingM C Jack
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I have a room full of software and hardware that back in the seventies you would have needed a couple of aircraft hangars to house the equivalent of the day. But even then you would be no where near being able to create the sounds we can today. That said you cannot beat a guitar, piano, P-bass and a set of drums.

Its nostalgia singalong time again!

I remember talking to someone in the dark when I was sixteen
Glass of something stronger than cola still hoping for the impossible dream
Baggy pants and a tie dyed t shirt dunlop trainers and a head full of hair
Living fast on the slow side of my town in a world where I hadn’t a care

Jack Davies knew the secret of how to survive when everything was going wrong
And he said if I just followed him from this place to somewhere I’d soon learn where my future belonged
So I watched and I listened as he captivated tourists with his stories and his tricks and his charm
He was well informed and courteous smiling and beguiling he never meant to do anybody harm

So take me back yes take me back to the streets and the clubs and the times
When being young was a passport to adventures for the body and the mind
Yes take me back please take me back to Ronnie Scotts and the Marquee
Let me bathe in the magic of the city that was ours in the early years of the 70’s

In the Edgware Road near Mickey’s fish and chip shop Bob Marley held a court for those who cared
He was special and all of us knew it his smile alone could fill the London air
And Johnny Nash said he could see everything clearly but CBS said they didn’t care
So Bob never got the record deal and the Wailers wailed that it wasn’t fair

So take me back

I remember standing at the artists entrance outside the Royal Albert Hall
Waiting for Gordan to make an appearence for those of us who’d bothered to call
But it seemed he’d Lightfooted it back to his hotel from the front door on the other side
So we left a little disappointed and watched the Sun go Down while reading our young minds

So take me back

"Where's Jack"
by Radioontheshelf

2022 - Licensed under
Creative Commons

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Editorial pick

Take a nostalgic trip to the 70s with Radioontheshelf. This laidback folk rock features MC Jack in the Box’s acoustic guitar with a classic arrangement of piano, bass and drums. Radioontheshelf’s songwriting and vocal delivery are highly enjoyable.

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