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The Inner Dialogue

uploaded: Wed, Nov 9, 2022 @ 12:27 PM
FeaturingJavolenus & Minnie The Mouth
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If you can find somewhere quiet it’s always good to relax and give yourself a good taking too. Let the mind move around in all directions and the thoughts will appear and though maybe a little disjointed they can help to pave the way ahead and make the future a little clearer. This inner dialogue is not for everyone but if you can master it the benefits can be immense.

Thanks to Javolenus for the great meditative guitar that allowed me to have a good old chat with myself.

Waking up on friday, friday
I’m just looking out for the signs
And racing down the highway
No turning back this time
She’s often trying to be helpful
Offering her words of advice and love and care
But she don’t seem to understand
I’m not that kind of man
I’ve got my own ideas to get me there
But then maybe I should have listened
When the doors started slamming harder
And the love was bare
Maybe I should have tried a littler harder
But of course men like me we don’t care
And that’s just a lesson we’ll have to carry
Taking it with us as far as we go
Up and down the highways to the future
Got myself a little bit of hope
But I don’t like it to show
God bless you when you’re dancing
God bless you when you’re still
And let’s hope you’re happy
‘Cause you always will
If you try if you try on the other side
It’ll get you by
As you’re racing as you’re racing in your mind
And there’s wind in your hair
And your feet so light
The horizons out there it keeps moving
But you don’t care no you don’t care
‘Cause you’ve had your share of all you need
You’ve let your heart try and bleed
You’ve let your words come out in the wrong way
And now your paying for those days
Those days ah yeh all those crazy days

"The Inner Dialogue"
by Radioontheshelf

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