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Into The Cave With Nick

uploaded: Thu, Jan 20, 2022 @ 9:45 AM
FeaturingStefan & Wednesdays Child
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Jaunty little number for the comically challenged

As we moved towards the citadel
Our hands shook as destiny called
And tears ran furiously down our cheeks
Whilst waiters brought canapes and champagne
To satisfy our hunger for love.

On the pierhead the waves crashed and foamed
As if only we were immune to their danger
Solitary figures persisting with umbrellas passed us
And the light of early moning crawled into view

With a full hand I dealt the cards of comfort
And you taking yours stifled a cry of regret
As the consequences of my shuffling
Showed themselves with no regard for your hopes

On Friday we caught the last ferry to the island
And laughed at our daring deeds
You glorious in purple Valentino
My chinos stained by red wine
Confirming we would soon go our seperate ways

Forty six years later I would recall your smile
When someone asked if we were married
No you had replied but who knows you said
Nothing can be ruled out.

"Into The Cave With Nick"
by Radioontheshelf

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Creative Commons
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