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Satans Fire

uploaded: Sun, Jun 13, 2021 @ 12:14 PM
FeaturingJavolenus & Martijn
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I was never a great one for chatting up women. It was not that I found it difficult to string the words together but more a case of not believing a word I said. Of course the words were only a distant friend of the truth and as such would inevitably come back to haunt me at some stage of the relationship.

Great work by Javolenus and Martin, providing a chocolately bed of goodness to lay my warbling on.

Beauty came easy to these eyes of mine
I’d been peering through the bottom of a glass of wine
She sidestepped compliments but she looked devine
What made her stop and listen would soon be a crime
Messages were peeling from her skin
She was holding all the cards always knew she would win
I told her I was famous but it felt like I had sinned
She said she’d never heard about me so the idea got binned

What could I say to loosen her clothes
What words would she cherish so the seed could be sowed
How many plaudits would she have to be told
To get the fire started and the show on the road
Some like the chocolate and the flower approach
Some require diamonds and waters for the nose
Others are content for the words just to flow
So I offered hallelujiah from her head down to her toes

Consistent soft persuasion is the order of the day
Comical impressions of far better ways
Effortless endearments and a place to stay
A little bit of gratitude can go a long way
Shadow boxing questions talk of pure romance
Eyes full of excitement feet ready to dance
Words massaged and polished always worth a chance
Hints of bigger wallets money in the bank

When God created Adam he had a master plan
But Adam he got tired of using his right hand
So in a time of weakness God said he could understand
And brought forth a wondorous creature to join Adam on the land
But despite his best intentions the plan it would soon backfire
The snake would start the dark events with Eve he did conspire
To take a bite of beauty that made them all out liars
And so the scene was set and they would all end in the mire

Maybe satans fire

"Satans Fire"
by Radioontheshelf

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