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A Hymn To Sally's Resolutions

uploaded: Fri, Jan 3, 2020 @ 3:31 AM
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New Year. Same old hopes and aspirations

I don’t wanna kiss the hem of your dress I don’t wanna wipe away the stains
I don’t need to see your lifes new meaning all I need to do is to abstain
You are the reason for all cravings the means to ends whose visions blur
Please forgive my hesitation please forgive these humble words

For you are guilty of ignoring all the signs that I had offered in my haste
To get back to the dry land free of the beach and the crashing waves
There is a beauty in the breaking the snap reveals the secret toast
To praise ourselves our validation to feed the needs to praise and boast

In the end there’s always shouting polished curses filling air
Gestures made to crease and humble they are left to rip and tear
And the man who waits may falter and turn back the clock again
To a time when life was simple and the worry at an end.

"A Hymn To Sally's Resolutions"
by Radioontheshelf

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