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Moving On

uploaded: Sat, Jun 15, 2019 @ 1:02 AM
FeaturingIvan Chew
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Its can be a wonderful feeling as I grow older to be able to speak my mind without concern. In the the end they just put it down as the ramblings of a sad old git!! The downside is you start to see all your heroes falling by the wayside and friends leaving on a one way ticket.

They lit a light for Sharon
In the church on Bewley street
And the choir sang imagine
To the sound of Stephen tapping out the beat
He was quiet in defeat

And I remember Michaels promise
There would be no tears no sad eyes none at all
But it did not stop my wailing
She had been my confidante when life had stalled

So let her walk on diamonds
Let her lay on solid ground
May her memory walk beside us
As we move ever onwards homeward bound

And I will shake the bones and stumble
I will speak when thoughts are barely formed
And tell the world she was my best friend
When summer failed and all I knew were storms

She would not want us to be sad eyed
She always said we must walk tall
Remembering the joy she brought us
In Camden town before the prices rose

And so it is that ten years later
Those of us left standing meet again
To sing Raglan Road and Carrickfergus
And drink Guiness to the greatest of all friends

"Moving On"
by Radioontheshelf

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