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Song Of A Preacher Man

uploaded: Thu, Apr 11, 2019 @ 4:43 AM
FeaturingIngemann and Javolenus and East end boy
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John Wesley believed in an Anglican God and though ordained himself allowed laymen to preach and spread the word in his name. This went against the doctrine of the day and ultimately branded him a troublemaker.
Unlike the men who ruled the church he believed in teaching people of the joy in belief and not the fear of damnation if they did not believe. Even if you have no religious faith it is worth trying to attain the belief in the inherrant goodness of people for we are ultimately our own gods.

The spoken piece is from Freesounds and gives us the words of a preacher of the people, something which I am sure John Welsley would have approved

This morning the modern preacher Julian Assange was arrested and forcibly removed from the Equadorian embassy where he had been taking refuge for the last 7 years.

Preaching can be a dangerous pastime.

Men came from working to hear his warnings the preaching of the light
He’d built a temple for all to hear him he turned the wrong to right
He made the promise to offer wisdom the way to good as gold
But in his hurry he dropped the money he’s now out in the cold

Recriminations have racked his body too high a price to pay
One day a hero the next a Nero who fiddles while they play
No doubt defensive against the stories that cling like mud to his brow
A holy promise cannot be sanctioned what can he do now

There are no common denominators a sampling has proved that
Just unique cravings for those he’s saving but still he leaves them flat
As ice but colder he lowers his shoulder

"Song Of A Preacher Man"
by Radioontheshelf

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