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The Middle Ground

uploaded: Wed, Feb 6, 2019 @ 12:54 PM
FeaturingThe Admiral
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For me Ccmixter provides a wonderful cathartic experience, allowing me to express feelings and emotions that I have been through over the years of a full life. With this song the Admirals tender piano forms the bed on which I lay the regrets I have that I never spoke more with my father. He tried more than I but I was from a generation that believed it was the one that had all the answers. The late 60’s and early seventies changed the world but in doing so created more questions but I feel honoured that I lived through the music and art of those heady days in old London town

I had no notion I would cause such a commotion
By living up to others lives
And you were full of heartache that I ignored your way
Something got inbetween us something died

The middle ground was missing we were never listening
Our voices were the only truth we knew
There would be no reconciling for the old man and the blind child
We’d go our seperate ways with seperate blues

How did it ever get to this place
How did it begin how did it start
We were always heading straight
Walking to the precipice
Always moving from the light into the dark

Once you took me to a forest where you said you would be honest
And you’d tell me of the time when you were young
But the tears started falling as you spoke about your childhood
I only saw your weakness and that was my shame

You had fought for king and country long before I started my fight
To be recognised as someone you could love
But you wanted me to listen all I did was state my values
They were different they were shallow I was young

Crazy people stubborn travellers
Masked and dirty holding court
Feelings distant words unspoken
Broken dreams broken hearts

How did it ever get to this place etc

"The Middle Ground"
by Radioontheshelf

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