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One of the great things about getting into a meaningful relationship is that you can open your heart up to your partner and talk of things you would never dream of saying to even a close friend.

Of course when love turns sour everything becomes a weapon and the trust placed is torn apart as we try to destroy each other.

Once I had a secret you found out my secret
You told everybody about my secret

I will not forgive you if I live to be a hundred
Cause you told everybody about my secret

Somethings they are sacred never to be spoken
Somethings are too serious for others to be knowing

This is one of those occassions when the whole world seems to listen
Boy meets girl exchange some fluids now your leaking all my secrets
Whilst we the weakest learn to walk you shut me down you will not talk
Death defying acts of kindness struggling now to hide their blindness

Sarah said that Bob was dangerous when he wrote Love Minus Zero..No Limits
But still my ears could hear the goodness beauty takes on many guises
No Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands here just you and I and buckets of tears
We will now perform the roles of people who have lost control

And while some of you will surf the highways searching for a road to knowledge
We will just continue fighting a south paw just adds to the conflict
But I will not take advantage of things you spoke of in our marriage
I don’t fear peoples reactions that is why I shared my secrets

You were once on my prospectus an experience I felt I needed
Nothing more and nothing less I tell this to you please respect
My words are now full of invective because of you who shared my secrets
I will remove your hurtful presence release the demon from my goodness

by Radioontheshelf

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