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Circus Of Life

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FeaturingMartijn & Reiswerk
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I believe that our love for the circus came about because it represented the life of the common man. All the highs and lows, the laughter and tears. The fear felt as the trapeze artists flew through the air without a safety net. The craziness of the clowns and all the glitter and glamour and showmanship. The charachters who one minute are face down in the sawdust the next bouncing back with the biggest smile on their faces. I am old enough to remember when circus’ were allowed to have animals. As young children we would stroll around as the circus was being put up full of wonder as elephants would walk past us and we in turn could walk past simple cages holding lions and tigers. I know better now but they were different times and we were different people.

I wanted to be the man who walked on the high wire
Dainty little steps taken on my chubby legs
And if not I’d have no problem in being the lion tamer
I’d make those pussy cats sit up and beg

But when I woke up the circus had departed the big top taken down nowhere to be seen
Its so sad to tell but there is no denying the circus has run away from me.

If I’d had a chance I would have romanced the lady with the beard and golden teeth
And although it held a risk I’m sure if I did persist I’d be the youngest fire eater the circus did ever see

The clowns had cold shouldered me they said it was simply
Because I depressed them with my sad stories
And the ringmaster made it clear my act was insincere
And thats why the circus ran away from me

The jugglers would not let me play or learn their secret ways
They said my coordination would cause everything to fall
But I new it was jealousy for any one could see
The real reason was I had the biggest balls

And though against my beliefs I would wield the biggest stick
And make those elephants pirouette and spin
I could make them sad of eye and so lonely
Maybe thats why the circus ran away from me

Now in my later years I still hanker for the road
The sawdust and the sideshows and monkeys
But I know it cannot be for everyone can see
That the circus has run away from me

"Circus Of Life"
by Radioontheshelf

2018 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
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Editorial pick

Circus-themed narrative set to a romantic tango. Martijn de Boer’s remix of reiswerk’s “Entre Muros” serves as the setting for Radioontheshelf’s rich imagery with a vocal styling akin to Leonard Cohen.


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