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Deep Down In My Heart

uploaded: Thu, Sep 6, 2018 @ 11:37 AM
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After my first marriage ended I had an affair with a married woman. During an argument with her husband she told him about it. He threw her out! She landed on my doorstep. I turned her away ! Not one of my proudest moments.

The backing track is a rave from the past by one of CCM’s founding fathers, which goes to prove that whilst love affairs come and go, great music goes on forever

Well I can hear you as you move through our lives with your dirty little stories
Your a purple proser with your carnal cravings and your husband waiting
So you can take me with you until I’m bruised and busted never to be trusted

Like a favourite quote from D H Lawrence with his talk of figs and figures
Bodies that he’s wanted
And a drawing from young Aubrey Beadesley with another member talking
Not much strength for walking
You’re stretching skin and juices performing acts intrusive
Making me hot and bothered releasing thoughts condusive

I am a soldier walking away from all your talking your constant squawking squawking
Your liquid thoughts are turning my little legs to jelly and when you stroke my belly
You are immune from love and holding hands and fawning sticky thoughts are dawning
You want my lust and comfort you take it without warning after theres tea and biscuits
Oh yes I think I’ll risk it

So its a realisation that starts to get me shaking
Trying to move away yet still live with yesterday
Your wrapping thighs are active you say its only practise
And that the real things better more oscillating measures
More will be needed now

"Deep Down In My Heart"
by Radioontheshelf

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Creative Commons
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Editorial pick

“Deep Down In My Heart” is a deep warm mix with the influence of Moby and The Doors. Feel the soul of this great song made by “Fourstones” and “Radio On The Shelf”.

Stefan Kartenberg

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