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The Swaying Gate

uploaded: Sun, May 22, 2016 @ 10:06 PM
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Know that flow is,
Wu Chi to Tai Chi,
Yin to Yang;
Yang to Yin,
Tai Chi to Wu Chi.

And the cycle renews.

Gate of Wu Chi,
Door of Yin.
Gate of Tai Chi,
Door of Yang.

Potential and Action,
Form and Being,
Thought and Deed,
Destruction and Creation,

Dark and Light,
Negative and Positive,
Female and Male.

All things flow
in this single dual cycle.
Yet Duality is a Lie.
Transition is transcendence,
the third state called Unity.

Duality leads to Tao,
The Swaying Gate
leads to The Universal Path.
The Mysterious Mirror
leads Beyond The Reflection.
Yet Tao is not in Duality.

One Mystery I have known is thus:
Wood pressed by Water to Earth.
Metal melted by Fire into Water.
Fire smothered by Earth into Wood.
Earth purified by Wood into Metal.
Water formed by Metal into Fire.

"The Swaying Gate"
by PorchCat

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