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Precious Time

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A fine bit of irony, this was intended as a one-week project about a month ago. It could be recycled for lo-fi use, I suppose, but that wasn’t the original vision.

Lyrics below. The usual raw vocals and MIDI files are in the zips.
Precious Time
© & (cc)BY D A Ayer 2021-08-16

You’re waiting for the train—it seems
the clocks are standing still—
but, once back on your way again,
the seconds start to spill
from out that little hole you poked
the day you first arrived
in precious time…
precious time, mm hmm:
all precious time.

Tonight, I wait for you alone
but don’t know where you are:
you could be flying overhead
or ‘round some distant star
as fate alone determines
if our paths should chance to meet
in precious time…

Try as you might to toe the line
you’re always running late
yet when life comes down to the wire
you won’t escape your fate
as one by one the moments drop
into the ebbing tide
of precious time…

This world was made without a key
to open Kronos’ lock;
the powerful and wealthy try,
but can’t reverse the clock;
Time may be money, as they say,
yet money can’t buy back
our precious time…

So, fare thee well, my lover,
though I can’t prove you exist
like wind and rain from yesterdays
long vanished in the mist.
Don’t live your life in haste
yet do be careful not to waste
your precious time…
precious time, mm hmm:
all precious time.

Contents of ZIP Archive: flac vox stems

  • /preciousTime-002_VoxFx.flac (11.08MB)
  • /preciousTime-006_Mic01Raw.flac (8.21MB)
  • /preciousTime-007_Mic02Raw.flac (11.68MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: instrumental stems

  • /preciousTime-003_Bass.flac (7.45MB)
  • /preciousTime-004_Piano.flac (11.23MB)
  • /preciousTime-005_Perc.flac (11.17MB)
  • /preciousTime.mid (12.86KB)

"Precious Time"
by Mr_Yesterday

2021 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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