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Event Horizon

uploaded: Fri, Jun 2, 2017 @ 9:28 AM last modified: Fri, Jun 2, 2017 @ 9:37 AM  (add)
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One of the backdrops for Silentium Universi, and another entry in my Sci-Fi Jazz Standards series.

lyrics (cc)BY 2017 D A Ayer

Once you’re under my sway there’s no getting away.
Your orbit’s exact…as a matter of fact…it’s begun to decay.
And you’re spinning around not making a sound.
No light can escape this terminal scrape as you’ve only just found.
You’re at the horizon: my event horizon…

Now there’s no turning back. Your safety line has gone slack.
There’s no word from your friend at the opposite end. Now the screen has gone black!
And they’re starting to fear that you’ll never appear
at the rendezvous point…’cause the time’s out of joint…and the moment is near…
You’ve passed the horizon: my event horizon!

Since you’ve nowhere to go there’s one thing you should know:
the quantum effect we’ve all come to expect isn’t running this show.
With what’s is and what’s not no longer part of the plot,
in this singular place all of time…all of space…is the size of a dot
beneath the horizon: my event horizon.

The end’s always the same. Love’s attraction’s to blame
and my heart doesn’t care if it’s all or nowhere; that’s not part of the game.
There’s no need to pretend, to explain or defend,
just look up at the sky and the clouds passing by on this day that can’t end…
inside this horizon: our event horizon…

…inside the horizon. Our event horizon…

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"Event Horizon"
by Mr_Yesterday

2017 - Licensed under
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Attribution (3.0)

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