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Exit Strategy

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Replaced mix with new file: less me, more Per, more Speck. Earlier post is now alternate.

This concept was spawned by a discussion between timberman and Speck where duets were proposed. Verses one and two are Frankenstein renditions of several of their songs, stitched together to create new poems and tunes….

Vocal samples are new for the most part since Left My Slippers, with me doing one vocal overdub after the other like successive passes through a copy machine. The stems are largely resamples, but painstakingly time-aligned so I went ahead and posted them, too.

New lyrics (see Route 17 for economix)
(1. timberman, word-sliced)
The night flies sometimes
like the moon: silent and low.
Gravity’s dance like my heart: it circles in time.

Lying heavy with darkness,
the sidewalks sound my soul.

Stumbling slightly in the sun,
the flame I know so well, empty of fear.

(2. Speck, word-sliced)
Live in the moment
like you do, crazy and fun.
Nobody’s here, bodhisattva! Ain’t nothin’ but show.

Long gone, no one can answer
the question, only you.

Could be happy, might be blue.
Comparatively speaking, all in your head.

(3. Mr. Y, Charon/Route 17)
I shaved my whiskers,
tied my tie, wore my best suit—
better than I remember ever buying [myself]….

Starched shirt, monogrammed cufflinks,
a flower in my hand.

Left my slippers by the door.
The garlands in your hair beckon me on.
See "How I Did It"

Contents of ZIP Archive: stems economix and misc

  • /exitStrategy_002_economix.flac (3.71MB)
  • /exitStrategy_016_LoopinekLoop.flac (7.99MB)
  • /exitStrategy_017_Slippers_Drone.flac (5.07MB)
  • /exitStrategy_018_Click_in_12.flac (71.33KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: stems timberman spliced

  • /exitStrategy_005_Per_Astro_Sliced.flac (3.97MB)
  • /exitStrategy_006_Per_Forest_Sliced.flac (3.67MB)
  • /exitStrategy_007_Per_Sometimes_Sliced.flac (3.20MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: stems Speck vox sliced

  • /exitStrategy_009_Speck_Sliced_V2.flac (3.14MB)
  • /exitStrategy_012_Speck_Bari_V3.flac (4.33MB)
  • /exitStrategy_015_Speck_Bass_V3.flac (1.78MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: stems Mr Y vox

  • /exitStrategy_003_MrY_Solo.flac (13.50MB)
  • /exitStrategy_010_MrY_V2.flac (3.87MB)
  • /exitStrategy_013_MrY_Tenor_V3.flac (2.40MB)
  • /exitStrategy_014_MrY_Bari_V3.flac (3.07MB)
  • /exitStrategy_020_MrY_Straight_Tune.flac (12.28MB)
  • /exitStrategy_021_MrY_Tenor_V2.flac (3.88MB)

"Exit Strategy"
by Mr_Yesterday

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