Deep Roots Remix Event

How I Did It

Exit Strategy
by Mr_Yesterday
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Mon, Apr 18, 2016 @ 12:06 AM

Samples are used in:


Tools I Used

Sample slicing and mixdown was done entirely in Reaper on my old 2008 MacBook. ADA is a MOTU 828mk3. Original recordings were made stand-alone using a Rode NT-1A and Sony PCM-D50, with a FatPro FBPS-1 phantom power box.

Samples I Used

Verse one lyrics were constructed by picking apart three of Per's songs and rearranging the words as a new poem. Portions of the original verses were then rearranged to create a sort of harmonic motet.

Verse 2 used a similar approach, but I sliced the samples finer (individual words) used Reaper's ReaPitch utility to come up with a new tune as well.

Verse 3 already exists as Left My Slippers, which Speck added harmony tracks to in advance.

Original Samples

The drone is from my Analogue Systems AS-1, just pretty straightforward oscillators and filters. Lyrics--subject to word-by-word selection--are original, as are my vocals.


I used vocal track grouping in Reaper with a fair amount of sidechain compression, which I hope became subtle enough through the process.

Other Notes

Usually I am uploading samples or sticking to (cc)BY-licensed work. It was nice to lose some of the restriction, let things evolve.