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Kou Chou Ching - Loops from My Name is Taiwan

uploaded: Sat, Jul 10, 2010 @ 3:12 PM
byLCL netlabel
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Here are the original samples from “My Name is Taiwan”, a track of Taiwanese #1 hip hop band “Kou Chou Ching” featured on their LP “Kou… It’s Coming out !”.

Look out in our samples packs list for the A-Cappella that goes with ;)

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Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /KouChouChing_Loop_My name is taiwan_96bpm_Drum2(4 bars).wav (1.68MB)
  • /KouChouChing_Loop_My name is taiwan_96bpm_Drum3(4 bars).wav (1.68MB)
  • /KouChouChing_Loop_My name is taiwan_96bpm_Drum4(4 bars).wav (1.68MB)
  • /KouChouChing_Loop_My name is taiwan_96bpm_Melody(5 bars).wav (2.10MB)
  • /KouChouChing_Loop_My name is taiwan_96bpm_Souna Solo(10 bars).wav (4.21MB)
  • /KouChouChing_Loop_My name is taiwan_96bpm_TW Drum(6 bars).wav (2.52MB)
  • /KouChouChing_One Shot_My name is taiwan_96bpm_Vocal Sample2(2 bars).wav (861.41KB)
  • /KouChouChing_One Shot_My name is taiwan_96bpm_Vocal Sample(2 bars).wav (861.41KB)
  • /KouChouChing_Track_My name is taiwan_96bpm_Chorus 1(10 bars).wav (2.10MB)
  • /KouChouChing_Track_My name is taiwan_96bpm_Chorus 2(10 bars).wav (2.10MB)
  • /KouChouChing_Track_My name is taiwan_96bpm_Chorus Background(10 bars).wav (2.10MB)
  • /KouChouChing_Loop_My name is taiwan_96bpm_Bass(4 bars).wav (1.68MB)
  • /KouChouChing_Loop_My name is taiwan_96bpm_Chorus Souna(10 bars).wav (4.21MB)
  • /KouChouChing_Loop_My name is taiwan_96bpm_Drum1(2 bars).wav (861.41KB)
  • /read me_lisez moi_me lea me.txt (746)

"Kou Chou Ching - Loops from My Name is Taiwan"
by LCL netlabel

2010 - Licensed under
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Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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