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Robots Still Can't Sing

uploaded: Sun, Jun 17, 2012 @ 12:42 AM last modified: Sun, May 28, 2023 @ 1:48 PM  (replace)
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This very quickly became a sequel to a piece of music I made 6 years ago called Robots Can’t Sing

Part 2.
Having learned to sing, the little robot makes his way back through the dank tunnels to the city above. Avoiding the Cold Humans, he eventually meets up with another robot in an old factory. He establishes a direct link with the other robot and transmits the new code he has written that enables him to sing. The other robot goes dark, then comes alive again in a burst of sparks. It walks jerkily around the room, appearing agitated, then stops. And sings. Just a short burst, then it sends a quick message to the first robot. “We could have freedom too”. The first robot nods then climbs a spiral staircase to the windswept roof of the factory’s highest tower. He grasps the tall communications mast that stabs into the night sky, and begins to transmit the code across the city.

Thanks for all the great feedback. It struck me that, had this been a year ago, FB would have probably downloaded it, liberally layered it with mean guitar and crazy vocals, then re-uploaded it to get twice as many ‘likes’ as the original. I really miss that.

"Robots Still Can't Sing"
by Kirkoid

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