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"EBT Man" by Kathy Brocks

uploaded: Fri, Jun 7, 2013 @ 11:08 AM
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The EBT Man by Kathy Brocks
05/29/2013 Poetry Wednesday

There’s nothing in the fridge
all the can goods are gone
disappointment seems etched
in my woman’s eyes

My son needs a lunch for school
I got lent in my pockets

The easy game could get me killed
or locked away til my kid’s a man

The church sends me to public aide for food stamps
its high tech now, like a debit card
but its blue and yellow, so everybody knows you’re broke

disappointment, shame and frustration crowds my chest
Men, work Lord
How did I get in this mess
Lord pull me out of this financial hell

The cashier says, “Your total is…will that be cash, debit or EBT card?”

""EBT Man" by Kathy Brocks"
by KathyBrocks

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