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Osculate Me (Very Wrong Town Mix)

uploaded: Fri, Nov 21, 2008 @ 1:52 PM
byKaer Trouz
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It’s no secret that I am a pretty big fan of mixter Jaspertine, his mixes show up on my ipod a lot. I made a mix last year, almost to the day, using only his mixes and samples, and that is what this one is comprised of as well. I have taken one of his first mixes, two from in between, and his very latest to make it. Also, I limited myself to ‘O’ words from the page in my dictionary that has the word oscillation on it; osculate was on this page. It means to kiss, and it has a mathematical definition regarding the touching of two surfaces at which they have a common tangent. Sounds a little like remixing, non?

Chords: A7/A7 over G/F#-/E7
This is in the key of E Major.
I cannot believe
I am here with you
holding this orchid in your room
the Montauk snow (should have been Moncton) outside is cold
and your silver eyes won’t melt I’m told
I orbit around your lips instead
we talk about what it is like to be dead
I’m carbon neutral, organic & sweet
and I beg you darling, won’t you please
Osculate Me
The tips of your fingers the edge of your toes
are tangent and cogent to all that I know
your skin is a perfect ossuary
and the bones inside, belong to me
The otters and ospreys play in the sea
gliding and flying and oscillating
the abalone’s weakness is right under neath
if you tear it apart
it offers a treat

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"Osculate Me (Very Wrong Town Mix)"
by Kaer Trouz

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