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Dream Feelings (Amy Lloyd)

uploaded: Sun, Jul 3, 2022 @ 1:27 PM
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Dreamer Amy Lloyd shares her dream of wading through the water in a vibrant setting and the options that emerge as she notices her surroundings.

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Dream Feelings

Wading In the clear water, held by a former love, I looked up and saw that I was underneath a tree of very colorful exotic birds, dozens of them; red, orange, blue bright but quiet. My eyes stayed on the birds. II felt happy to be there, I felt the cool water, warm sand- and noticed sea animals about.

I accepted the invitation to explore with a young girl at my side- there were 3 places to go here as shown by the red directional arrows.

First stop, A village, store, full of local artifacts and people- I selected a few things-and felt at home in this hut in touch with the locals and their culture.
The second arrow took us walking along the road, the natural objects and scenes were lush and new; strangely shaped fruit trees, soft rolling landscapes of various green patterns. I wondered if everybody knew this was there.
The next passages were to the water, a touristic location- I thought it would be too noisy, there were party platforms floating on the water, with lively all-too-real music but it didn’t seem noisy at all- it was inviting bright and open, the water held us. A vessel took us places and I met us with my former love and we walked along the shore and then up the mountain. 2 girls were with me, and a man came by to sell us colorful cloth fabrics and he charged 20 something for them. The girls just paid him without bargaining, I told them that they should have bargained with the seller- it’s just a piece of thin fabric with a little bit of lining. The fabrics were white with drawings of the people on them, a little bit of red, different sizes and the people doing different things, I realized the depth of the materials. The girls were very happy and the man was happy that he sold it to them.
I went back to the village to explain to people what was out there and how it was very fulfilling and colorful, I hoped that they all had a chance to venture out.

"Dream Feelings (Amy Lloyd)"
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