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Mutata Resurgo / Start Somewhere

uploaded: Sun, Feb 11, 2024 @ 12:09 AM
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Both pellas available under a 4.0 attribution license here:

The video for the first part of the song is here:

This started as a singular song but when I worked on the idea of the second song, they played too well conceptually on each and at the same BPM so… here’s two songs back to back a single track. (if that’s a problem I can make other arrangements just message me)

I will include the lyrics, but the a capellas will be available under a separate download under a 3.0 attribution license. I’ll relist them there.

First verse of the first part:

In the depths of the mind, where thoughts entwine,
“Mutata resurgo,” the ancient line.
Transformed, yet the core remains the same,
In life’s complex game, a persistent flame.

Like Bernoulli’s spiral, forever unfurl,
In the math of the world, a hidden pearl.
Each turn a journey, a new tale to script,
Yet the essence unswayed, through time it’s equipped.

In the Nautilus shell, life’s secrets dwell,
Cycles of change, in nature they tell.
Eadem, though altered, the spirit soars,
In the echoes of math, it opens doors.

Rise again, though altered in form and view,
In the heart of the spiral, find the clue.
Self-similar tales in every curve,
In the constant change, the unchanging preserve.

—- bridge first part

In every change, a constant thread,
In the spiral’s path, silently led.
From ashes to life, a phoenix’s song,
“Mutata resurgo,” where we belong.

second verse first part
Through life’s constant shift, we adapt and grow,
“Mutata resurgo,” a timeless echo.
Like leaves in the wind, we sway, we change,
Yet the soul’s melody remains, beyond range.

Through trials and storms, we evolve, we rise,
With each new dawn, a new disguise.
Yet within the core, the truth stays pure,
In life’s uncertain voyage, it’s the only sure.

Through transformations, a steady heart,
In the spiral of existence, we’re but a part.
From the ashes, anew, yet ever the same,
In the universe’s dance, we reclaim our name.

In the mirror of time, faces anew,
Yet the gaze that returns, steadfast and true.
“Mutata resurgo,” through time’s vast sea,
Changed, yet unaltered, forever free.


second part

first verse of the second part
Life’s a stage where the first cry’s the start,
In a world so vast, on a canvas so stark.
Born in the shadows where the streetlights dim,
Destinies taking shape on a whim.

From the alleys where the wild winds howl,
To the broken homes where the lone wolves prowl,
Each story’s a spark, in the dark it gleams,
Every infant’s cry, a genesis of dreams.

In the cradle of chaos, hope’s a rare seed,
Sprouting in silence, fighting through the creed.
Where the odds stack high, and chances slim,
In the dance of life, a hymn so grim.

From nothing to something, from void to form,
In the cold of struggle, hearts beat warm.
Out of despair’s grip, the strong will carve,
In the symphony of the start, the will to starve.

———- bridge

In the surge of life, a tale untold,
Beneath the stars, the brave unfold.
From the depths they rise, through strife they swarm,
In life’s cruel sea, they find their norm.

second verse second part
“Start somewhere,” whispers the wind to the fallen,
In the backstreets where the echoes are callin’.
Tiny fists clench, in the night they declare,
From the ashes of nothing, they’re gasping for air.

Through tears and sweat, the journey’s worn,
In the tapestry of time, their fates are born.
From the first step to the miles they fare,
In the grit of the grind, they find their share.

The rise begins with the choice to dare,
In the face of fear, they catch the glare.
Through the trials, their spirits prepare,
On the stage of the world, they’re raw and bare.

“Start somewhere,” the promise of the dawn,
In the saga of survival, life’s drawn.
From the silent plea to the loud fanfare,
In the echo of the ages, “start somewhere.”

"Mutata Resurgo / Start Somewhere"
by coruscate

2024 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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