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Left To Die Alone (Easter Rabbit's Fate)

uploaded: Mon, Jul 7, 2014 @ 1:20 AM last modified: Sun, Jul 27, 2014 @ 6:04 PM  (replace)
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By Doxent Zsigmond

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Forgotten, lost, abandoned and alone
Nowhere to run, no place to call home
Long removed from the sympathetic shoulder
The dusk falls and the night grows colder

The emboldened heart grows distant by convenience
Love smoldered as well as life no lenience
Thrown into the world ingorant and unprepared
Left to live in a place where they wouldn’t dare

Falling victim to uknown predators jaws
Left to struggle in life’s ugly maws
a tender hearted friend with deep emotions
and love that runs as deep as the deepest of oceans

Why would you do this, why would you turn about face
And abandon a friend to such a cold, lonely place?
Didn’t you bond? Didn’t you share?
A comforting look, a comforting stare?

Did you try to understand, did you try to make
a management plan to keep your friend safe
Alone with no food, no shelter and no border
To protect them from predators of any order

This isn’t a joke, I’m not wasting my breath
I seriously hope, you muster what is left
Of your moral convictions and work a little harder
And not heartlessly evict such a defenseless lover

Is it really so difficult to set aside time in your life
To help them move on safely, free from all the strife
Letting “them go free” is like setting a little child
Free inside a room filled with candy and pedophiles

You can’t expect your rabbit not to be on the market
their exotic coloring makes them a bright, flashing target
They don’t when to run, huddle or even when to hide
Your rabbit might even die alone on that very first night

While you’re sitting at home watching reruns on television
Your rabbit’s hoping for your rescue because they lack the wisdom
To make it on their own, true most rabbits don’t live a year
When left behind by their cold, and heartless human peers

An average rabbit lives to be ten and that’s a great life
But they’re cheated of that when when thrown outside
to fend for themselves in a place they’ve never known
Most will die cold, hungry, terrified and alone

Life is a precious thing, not something to be wasted
Please be more considerate and not quite so hasted
Every city has a shelter somewhere near it
Hear it! That’s the purpose of this entire lyric

Don’t abandon your rabbit, it’s tragic, a bad habit
Something humans do when they can’t handle it
Don’t abandon your rabbit, get it, god dang it
It’s the wrong thing to do, try harder and manage it

"Left To Die Alone (Easter Rabbit's Fate)"
by coruscate

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