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Come Jump On Our Diction 98 BPM

uploaded: Fri, Feb 5, 2010 @ 7:23 AM last modified: Tue, Jan 31, 2012 @ 8:05 PM  (replace)
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Robbero remixed this. So I re-rapped it to Robbero’s remix and chooped the mix up slightly!

New acapella included.

The below info refers to the “archive pella”

Different than Come Jump On MY Diction” also in that it has credits to DJ Nebula since this accompanied a beatstrumental.

“Come Jump On Our Diction”

The Incomplete Orchestra Ha ha
DJ Nebula On The Cut
You’d better back up because we’ve got the dictionarries in hand…

Majors and corporals dance floors the orders
anti-rigor mortis shock from all corners
I am your conductor rhythmic constructor
The orchestra is rocking percussion
Kill all the laughter shills and the actors
thrillin attraction when money matters
crackin, thunder rains down on the land
packin, I’m holding dirty cards in my hand
Keep your friends close, your secrets buried deep
Reap what you’ve sown because karma repeats
Alarm your peeps and rise out your seats
fill the streets and stomp the concrete
these sixteens bars are caffeing injections
verbal bazarres through my keen selections
Join this insanity you make it right
I’ve got tenacity my rhymes take flight

— Come Jump On mY diction
— Shake your ass with no restriction
— Bust my verse with proper flow
— No way you can stop this show

Cue the main beat back up to pace
Barbegue the heat right through this place
Worked the track till is had soul
Back the poetry with breath control
So sweat and sweat till your make up runs
You can bet we won’t be outdone
a killer time, destroy this set
You can sell this rhyme pump it up a bit
Practice makes perfect I am to be so
success to project to friend and foe
Halfway through I might change plans
Hard to beat like squads of Afghans
before I die disperse illusions
Proper education can burst confusion
I might be a corny kid from Esco
But I bring the stony, iceberg flow

— (((( BRIDGE REPEAT ))))

control your body simon says flip out
the party starter you can’t live without
bust this crush this fresh stanza
bumping pumping extravaganza
I’m about to give you what you need
so twist like Chubby Checker on speed
keep your control don’t get out of hand
like sex acts broadcast from webcams
bang from Cali out to Silverdale
stop by the bar get another cocktail
but don’t leave your drink in this landscape
you’ll turn into a victim of date rape
there’s no secret some guys are desperate
dealing narcoticis without a doctorate
so stay with your friends now come see mine
we’ll leave together it’ll all be fine

"Come Jump On Our Diction 98 BPM"
by coruscate

2010 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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